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Glass mosaic willow in the bathroom
New liveliness and color play
The aim of this project was to beautify our bathroom.

It was important to us to bring a new liveliness to the room through a lively play of colours.
We opted for a flat glass mosaic because the light reflections support this vitality.

Since we are very close to nature and like to spend time in it, a first draft was quickly found.
first draft of a pasture
We decided on a hard foam board as the carrier material.

These construction boards, which are available in every major hardware store, have a core made of extruded hard foam (XPS) and a coating with integrated glass side fabric on both sides.

They are available in different thicknesses, allow the mosaic to be glued in our workshop, facilitate subsequent installation and are more waterproof and rot-proof.
After completing the mosaic, the installation could now begin.
Then it was grouted and cleaned.
The result is not only impressive, it even exceeds our expectations!

To be continued! 
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