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Art Deco window in a bathroom 
New light and simultaneous privacy protection
A mosaic can also be created in other forms. Without a concrete support element on which the mosaic is attached.
This technique has been known for centuries in the form of stained glass on churches or other buildings of central importance. It makes it possible to immerse entire rooms in a new light and thus create a completely different atmosphere.
This experience can now also find its way into your home in the form of the Tiffany technique (or copper foil technique). 
Art deco
here the  already finished result
At the beginning of a project there is the draft and the selection of the glass.
In this phase we work very closely with the customer.
It is important for us to check the feasibility and technical implementation of any existing ideas from the customer and to advise the customer on the choice of color for the glass and its possible effect.
The step from an initial idea to a full-size design can seem a bit "frightening"!
The final color assignment is created from a small selection of glass... 
The new window is slowly taking shape
This is what an installation can look like on warm days 
Once installed, Tiffany glazing unfolds its full power in full sunlight. But even on a dull, rainy day, the little light is enough to lift your spirits and put your room in a whole new light!
Before and after effect
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