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Mosaic steles in front of the church of St. Brother Klaus in Edingen
Implementation together with the Catholic women's community of St. Brother Klaus Edingen
In November 2022, the board of kfd-Edingen contacted us with an idea for several mosaic steles that should be permanently installed in front of the Church of St. Brother Klaus in Edingen.

The steles should be created as a collaborative effort by the members themselves.
After a few consultations regarding the possible materials, motif, size and number of steles and possible location, we met in September 2023 in beautiful sunshine for the actual implementation.

Throughout the day, around 25 women from the group came by to glue the two mosaic steles onto the net under our guidance. It was so nice to see, after the initial skepticism had been overcome, how the ladies were able to fully immerse themselves in the art and were engrossed in their work together. There was great enthusiasm about the wonderful result!

Self-efficacy is the important keyword here!!
We then only had to make minor corrections to the mosaic in our workshop
Now follow the work steps that are rather uninteresting from a creative point of view, but which are fundamentally important for the long lifespan of the mosaics!

The mosaics, pre-glued to mesh, were attached to their backing boards, grouted and brackets attached to sign posts for later installation.

In November 2023 the time had finally come! The finished mosaics could be attached to the prepared and concreted sign posts.
A few days after the installation there was a very special honor that we didn't know about.

After a short service, the two mosaic steles were blessed! That was very moving!

We found a small text by Gabriele Schlüter, which was read during the service, particularly beautiful and impressive:
to you and your life,
of the many colors and diversity,
to your colorfulness and uniqueness,
the many joys and things in between,
to your own corners and edges,
also to small and large shards,
of pain, anger and sadness,
to new beginnings
and the longing for wholeness:
I see myself in parts,
God sees all of me.
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