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Glass mosaic Hospice Ipek
in Mahlow/Berlin
Innovative concept
of end-of-life care
As part of our training to become a certified mosaic artist, we were able to take part in a very innovative and forward-looking project on end-of-life care.
The new building of the Kulturspecific Hospice Ipek in Mahlow/Berlin is designed with beautiful and large-scale mosaics on the outside. Mosaics are also installed indoors in front of and inside each patient room, which are intended to make the last hours together easier and more beautiful for the patients and their relatives. 
We are very happy that we were allowed to contribute our modest share to this project.
It's hard to describe how you feel when you think that your work of art might be the last thing a person sees in their life.
A very great responsibility, which played a major role in the creation of the works.
Here are our two mosaics installed inside the hospice: 
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