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Flat glass mosaic on a steel support
in the interior
Implementation of a customer idea
At the beginning of January 2019, a customer contacted us with an idea for a mosaic to cover a steel column in the interior of his apartment in Edingen.
The customer had been thinking about this idea for a long time, but wasn't sure about the feasibility and the materials and techniques to be used.
Through our Mosaic made from broken tiles at Edingen-Neckarhausen town hallHaving noticed us, the customer decided to include us in his project. 
After the first preliminary talks and a first offer, we were able to start with the detailed planning.
Since it is always our goal with customer orders to implement as exactly as possible what the customer sees in his mind's eye, this Part also always takes up a large part of the project. Proximity to customers is our top priority as long as it can be implemented technically. 
In this specific case, the customer wanted a color gradient across the entire column. 
However, the mosaic should not be too dominant in the room and look more like "scattered".
In order to better understand the customer's request, a color gradient with different materials was designed based on a customer sketch and a color sample was created for the joint compound to be used.
customer sketch
color gradient
with different
color pattern
After the customer's decision about the material and the colors to use, we were able to order the material and create some designs.
The designs were coordinated with the interior of the apartment in terms of color selection and color gradient.
The dark carpets  and the cream-colored furniture and wall design up to the light ceiling were taken up in the color gradient.
In order to reduce the effort on the part of the customer in terms of dirt entry and our stay in the apartment, we decided to cover the existing steel support with an acrylic glass tube.
This should enable us to create the mosaic almost completely in our workshop on this acrylic glass tube and then glue it to the support.
Furthermore, we were able to create two work samples on this basis to really make sure that we met the customer's request as exactly as possible.
And in fact, the customer then decided to use the lighter grout.
Now the real work could begin.
Separating the acrylic glass tube
Gluing the acrylic glass tube
with the glass fragments
Finished tubes
prepared with primer
As hoped, the installation at the customer was very quick and uncomplicated. 
The glued pipe halves were fixed with tension belts.
A week later, the mosaic was grouted and cleaned.
Since this part is very complex due to the round and narrow shape of the column, we were supported by two mosaicists who were friends of ours.
The finished result
Toast with the customer
Project progress in the video
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