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Mosaic workshop and design of a staircase
Implementation together with the patients of the SPHV Wiesloch
In autumn 2019 we had two special projects at SPHV Wiesloch.
The SPHV is a non-profit association that offers a wide range of services for the mentally ill at various locations.

Our first project there was a six-week mosaic workshop. One afternoon a week, a personal workpiece was designed with different materials such as flat glass and tiles and finally grouted. Everyone was able to familiarize themselves with the material and the tool. This should be a motivating prerequisite for the wall mosaic, which should be designed together with the client after the workshop.

During the course, positive therapeutic effects of mosaic work could also be experienced: constructive handling of difficult situations for the individual, longer cognitive and physical resilience and endurance, communication of one's own needs.
The best thing for us was to experience and receive feedback: Everyone has a lot of fun laying the mosaic!
some works of clients
The wall mosaic created after the workshop is located in the stairwell of the day care center.
The idea was that the clients participate in the creation. This should result in greater identification with the wall design.
Our clients expected a wide range of requirements: handling the tool and the material,  observing safety measures, implementing the instructions, cooperation and perseverance. And last but not least, the joy of seeing what is created under your own hands!
The motif was created in close cooperation with the management and the head of the day care center. In relation to the clientele, a  calm image with clear shapes and friendly colors was desired. The appearance should continue to blend in with the course of the stairs and the adjacent wall.
The mosaic was created using the direct laying technique with broken tiles, which is called trencadis. We did the grouting and cleaning without the clients. 
initial position
several drafts were submitted
and in close cooperation with those responsible at the SPHV
adapted to the needs
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