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Pedagogical work with mosaics
Concept for the creation of pedagogically valuable mosaics
in kindergartens, schools and other institutions
"You don't get to know nature and works of art when they are finished; 
You have to catch them as they arise in order to understand them to any extent."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our basic idea is to bring the millennia-old art form of mosaics to children, young people and adults in a modern way. In addition to teaching the techniques and different styles, the focus is on the active design of the immediate environment.

The present concept is intended to support and promote the following abilities:

- Persistence
- Teamwork
- communication
- skilled craftsmanship
- structured working
- Color and shape effect
- Self-Efficacy
- Self-care and care for others by complying with safety measures

The entire concept is extremely scalable and can be adapted to the respective customer requirements and possibilities.

The following contents can be combined:

- Mosaics through the ages (art historical introduction in words and pictures)
- Safety instruction (mandatory) 
- theoretical and practical introduction to tools and materials (mandatory) 
- detailed advice on possible meaningful areas for the attachment of mosaics
- moderated drafts of individual or group work, e.g. in art and/or handicraft lessons 136bad5cf58d_or in the form of a workshop
- accompanied implementation of the designs in direct or indirect laying technique 

This concept guarantees a high level of identification with the self-designed environment and thus increases the sustainability of the already easy-care, colorfast, hard-wearing and durable mosaics.

By using appropriate materials, mosaics are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Possible installation locations could be:

- Walls in corridors and rooms
- Sanitary areas
- stairwells
- School yards
- Exterior walls and walls
- the mosaics do not necessarily have to be permanently installed, but can be mounted on suitable supports     
- if you have your own ideas, just talk to us

Below are examples of successful implementation of this concept.
If we have piqued your interest, please contact us for a personal discussion.

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