Glass Mosaic 50th Anniversary Town Twinning
The cities of Edingen-Neckarhausen
and Plouguerneau / France
While we were still working on the mosaic of tiles at the town hall in Edingen-Neckarhausen, the community contacted us with the request to create a mosaic for the 50th anniversary of the partnership between Edingen-Neckarhausen and Plouguerneau / France.
The mosaic was to serve as a gift to the partner community of Plouguerneau for a festive celebration during the fiftieth anniversary of the partnership.
The mosaic should be handy and not too big (about DIN A3)
As orientation for the motive design the emblem of the partnership association should serve.
The project had some challenges:
• Time until handover of the completed mosaic: 2.5 weeks from the request (vote draft, material procurement, completion)
• In the proportions too much font in the motive request (finding a symbolic representation of the two partner communities instead of names)
• Finding a suitable base material (in terms of stability, suitability for attaching a suspension system, suitability for a rear dedication)
Instead of the community names, we decided to use silhouettes of the respective landmarks.
Here are the designs in their chronological order and the final design:
We decided to use the following materials and techniques:
support material

• Vorex plate
• Thickness 10 mm (5 mm proved to be too unstable)
• Easy to stick and possibility of attaching a dedication at the back (smooth white surface)
• The Vorex plate could be ordered directly with a color printed motif
mosaic material
• Flat glass and glass rods in direct laying technique
• Higher valence of the surface
• More filigree processing
Other Material
• Transparent all-purpose glue from Pattex
• Black flex joint
• Suspension material
Now we could finally do the implementation!
Preparation of the carrier plate
Cutting the glass and gluing
Grouting and cleaning
The final result
Festive delivery

Fulminastrasse 2 - 68535 Edingen-Neckarhausen

© Kerstin & Hans-Ulrich Neumannn.