Tile mosaic on our terrace
New prospect
In May 2020 we decided to improve our view on our small terrace a little. Unfortunately, the roofs of the neighbors block the unrestricted view of the Bergstrasse and the Odenwald.
We knew a solution.
Due to the required weather and weather resistance, we decided on colored tiles as the starting material for our mosaic.
In the beginning, as always, there was the design and the choice of colors.
For easier processing and later transport, the mosaic was divided into three segments and the tile pieces were glued to reinforcement mesh.
Then the actual installation could begin. Only now you can see how well the individual segments fit together.
After grouting and cleaning, the finished mosaic finally shines in its full splendor!
To top it off, the mosaic has an LED light strip, the color of which can be adjusted.
In order to better hide the associated cables and protect them from moisture, we made a weatherproof cable box, which was also provided with a matching mosaic.

Fulminastrasse 2 - 68535 Edingen-Neckarhausen

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