Mosaic of tile break
at the town hall Edingen-Neckarhausen
From the initial idea
until the final implementation
As part of our thesis on becoming a certified mosaic artist, we already got the idea in April 2018
to donate the resulting work to our community Edingen-Neckarhausen.
In doing so, we wanted to beautify our immediate living environment and thank the community and its people for their warm welcome.
Our initial idea was to upgrade a slightly unsightly wall breach in nearby Kothe Park in Edingen with a natural stone mosaic.
A corresponding draft and a sample mosaic were quickly created and so we were able to submit our proposal to our mayor in early May.
The community was enthusiastic about our initiative. However, the problem arose that Kothe Park is only leased by the community. As a counterproposal, we were shown the opportunity to create our mosaic on a retaining wall on the Neckar directly below the town hall of Edingen-Neckarhausen.
A nice idea, as we found. Because with this central location we could let even more people benefit from our mosaic.
The changed location also brought with it some new challenges and we had to rethink our concept a bit.
The location almost directly on the Neckar is at risk of flooding. Thus, the mosaic had to be very robust and easy to clean. Because of the children playing there we had to avoid a risk of injury.
We finally decided on a tile mosaic. The use of tiles offers the opportunity to work frost and weather resistant. Furthermore, you have a lot of creative freedom and can achieve a relatively high level of detail.
Last but not least, you can work much more colorful than with natural stones and the mosaic will be a little friendlier and happier. Just bad weather conditions increase the luminosity of the tiles even something. It is almost as if the colored tiles store and release the sun's rays when the sun is not shining.
For the motive we decided to pick up the special shape of the wall and to include it. Furthermore, we wanted to establish a direct relationship between our mosaic, the environment and the people who live here. The viewer should immediately recognize what our mosaic is about. Find yourself and the church in it.
The tower represents the landmark visible from the community of Edingen. The water tower.
This is followed by the orchards and the transition from the countryside to the river Neckar. This transition does not always seem to be clearly defined in Edingen-Neckarhausen. It blurs with its small Neckar islands, side arms, the lock and the many small private jetties.
The newly created fish kindergarten between Edingen and Neckarhausen could not be missing in our motif.
Finally, we presented our design along with another sample mosaic in the community technical committee.
We were able to answer the committee's critical questions regarding durability, cleaning and the risk of injury to everyone's satisfaction and our design was very well received.
There even appeared a small newspaper article in Mannheimer Morgen about our project.
Now we could finally do the implementation!
Transfer of the design to original size
Cutting the tiles and gluing on reinforcing mesh
Preparation for the transport
Installation on the wall
The final result
Official handover of the finished mosaic
to the representatives of the community
right: Mayor Simon Michler
left: Construction Manager Dominik Eberle

Fulminastrasse 2 - 68535 Edingen-Neckarhausen

© Kerstin & Hans-Ulrich Neumannn.